Monday, May 14, 2007

Upper End Panels

Here are some pictures of the caravan with the upper end panels attached. At this point, we thought it would be good to prime the whole caravan before any additional work was done because I can still get to the areas that will be under the bed easily. The bottom of the door has been cut out. I had to add some glue between the plywood panels at the base of the door so it was clamped. My door opening was lowered about 1, 1/2" in an effort to make the door open wider. Ideally the door should open at least 90 degrees before hitting the overhang of the bow top. This is a link to some Canadian friends building their own caravan.

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Romany Rest said...

You are making great progress. It looks from the bottom photograph as though you haven't lost much space at all between the larger bench seats.

I'm still envious of your weather! Someone in town today told us we are expecting snow tomorrow - I hope it was a joke!