Thursday, May 10, 2007

End Panels

The next step is to attach the end 3/8" plywood end panels. I must say that the templates made this much easier than drawing it out by hand. I cut two panels at a time by screwing two sheets of plywood together. This made both end panels match, but if you make a mistake, you will mess up both end panels instead of just one. I chose a spot for the screws where the king posts would be screwed in to avoid having extra holes in the plywood.

My end panels were modified for the additional height of the box. Instead of having the squared off bottom of the end panel 11 1/2" high, I made it 15 1/4" high. I also decided to add an additional 3/4" so that the end panel covered the end of the sheet of plywood for the floor for a total of 16". Instead of making the bottom panel higher, I simply drew it out per the template, changed the squared off bottom from 11 1/2" to 16" high, and then lopped off a portion of the curved section to to accommodate the extra height of the box. My bottom end panel is now 3/4" higher than called for in the plans, but mounted, it is the same height. Now the end panels can be screwed and glued to the floor plywood making a very strong joint. You can see the additional screws every 6" on the bottom of the end panel. Now the end panel and upper part of the caravan cannot separate from the floor. The plywood sides make for a weaker joint than the 1x12s attached to the floor so I decided the overlap would compensate for this. As you can see, I will have to cut part of the box out that is covering the door opening.


Romany Rest said...

Hello - glad to see you have started your build and will be recording your progress on your blog. It will be great to see how the wagon takes shape.

I like the look of the extra wide benches - they look very practical and I wish I'd thought of it!

Your weather looks pretty good too!

Brian Schmittling said...

Hey, glad you could stop by.

The benches turned out very well and are much more usefull. I have many more ideas I'll be working out as I build such as a simple 110v electrical system and using a full size futon matress for the bed. Check back.

The weather has been nice but I do miss snow;)