Sunday, January 27, 2008


I managed to get my windows put in. First I tried some kind of plastic glass from Home Depot. It was difficult to cut the curves so I tried a jig saw with a fine tooth metal cutting blade. It cracked. Went back to Home Depot and got a sheet of 3/16 Lexan. It cut very nicely with the jig saw. No cracking. My windows were attached with 1/2 rivets. I didn't try to pull the nail all the way through the rivet with the rivet gun as it may crack the Lexan. They were pulled snug and the nail was clipped of flush with the rivet. Hope to get through with this by May so we can get some camping done this summer. Pics to come.


Romany Rest said...

It's looking very good Brian! Very Smart! We were able to use plexiglass for our windows because we adapted our windows to be square. We could easily score first with a knife against a straight edge and then cut very slowly with a jigsaw, but you couldn't do that with the curved windows. Anyway, it sounds like you came up with a great compromise.

Can't wait to hear about your travels in the wagon - wish you could come to Prince Edward Island, I'd love to see a little wagon collection in our yard!!

Brian Schmittling said...

Thanks, If I ever make it that far up north, I will stop by. We would love to meet our Canadian friends. This weekend will be a big weekend. I have to assemble a trailer and attach the tarp. That will only leave the door. Have to wait on that because we have found some nice victorian hinges we want to use. Anyway, thanks for the comments.


Gary said...

I just reviewed your blog and I am impressed with what your family did. I have been searching for a light travel trailer plan and your success with this has convinced me to go with the gypsy caravan. I will use your experience to help me along the way. Thank so much.